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Article: Rainbow Connection by Dr Don Huntington
June 2012 issue of 110 and 86 Degree Magazine
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rainbows endBrad Perks is a fine artist and professional photographer who is, in his words, “on a mission to make a photographic record of Mother Nature in her varied moods.”

Brad traces his passion for this to an amazing experience he underwent a decade ago. He said he was at his mom’s house on a rainy evening, peacefully waiting to be called for a family dinner, when something like an electric shock surged through his body. “The hairs on the back of my neck literally stood up,” he said. Without plan or conscious decision, Brad jumped up and ran out of the house. He said that his sister followed him out while shouting, “You can’t go! You can’t go!”

Brad found himself being led, in some fashion, to a meadow area. As he got out of the car, a brilliant rainbow suddenly flashed before his eyes, stretching between two oak trees. Just as Brad raised his camera to take a picture of one of the trees, a gap suddenly opened between clouds in the west and the setting sun sent a brilliant ray that crowned the tree with a tiara of golden light. 

“The picture changed my life and redefined my purpose in living,” Brad said. He began to turn his focus from photographing social events to recording natural phenomena. His amazing collection of nature’s varied moods include the vivid shot of a lightening strike that, Brad said, occurred in the middle of a muddy field while a storm cell was passing through the area. He said that as the storm reached its maximum pitch, he pointed his camera at the sky, shouted “Hallelujah!” and pressed the button on his cable release at the very instant that a brilliant shaft of lightening stabbed from sky to ground.

Some photographers chase celebrities, others chase sirens, but Brad chases rainbows. Because rainbows require weather, Brad said that the same thunderclouds that drive most people inside chase him out-of-doors, looking for the special combination of sunshine, clouds, and rain that brings rainbows into existence.

“Photography can become a team sport if there is another shutterbug for you to enjoy it with,” Brad said. One afternoon he was hunting rainbowsrainbow pot of gold along the Silverado Trail in scenic Napa Valley. He had alerted a friend that the conditions were right. At one point he stepped out of his car, raised his camera, just as a glorious rainbow filled the sky. He captured the scene for posterity and then heard his friend’s SUV pull in behind him. The friend leaped out of the car as the light was fading in the sky “leaving behind only clouds, mists and gray shadows,” Brad wrote.

“Part of the enchantment of rainbows lies in their ephemeral character and, like Eden going ‘down to grief’ and ‘dawn going down to day,’ the rainbow’s golden brilliance had died away leaving my friend in a perfect anguish of frustration.”

Brad has endured terrible experiences of parental abuse and illness. He said that rainbows speak to his inner self because they have come to represent his conviction that a person can embrace life even during its most stormy episodes, buoyed up by the realization that each is a passing façade shading the fact that the true universe is bathed in continual sunshine.

“When the storm clouds of failures, disappointments, and even tragedies surround me,” Brad wrote, “life sends rainbows to remind me of the sun that continues to shine behind the cloud’s dark shadows.” He added, “Winter blasts enable us to appreciate and to fully embrace the blessings of springtime sunshine.”

red rainbow during hail stormBrad has come to believe that any healthy life requires the good, bad, and ugly. He would agree with Kahlil Gibran’s confident assertion that, “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

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Dr. Donald Huntington is Co-owner Editor In Chief of two lifestyle magazines, 110° Magazine – East County Living and 86° Magazine – Central County Living. Dr. Huntington is also an accomplished ghostwriter, writer, and acclaimed motivational speaker. Dr. Huntington has a background in theological studies, holding a baccalaureate degree and two masters degrees in the field, plus an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree. He completed coursework for a PhD in Education and Computers In Education at Michigan State University. Dr. Huntington is author of the motivational, self-help book, How to Put Your Whole Self In “101 Instructions on Being Good For Yourself, Good For Others, and Good For Heaven’s Sake.” as well as an online publication called A Daybook of a Man Awash in Grace. Don can be reached at 925-634-7927.

Perks knows Don is an excellent ghost writer for hire if you have a story to tell.
See Don's latest book  "How to Put Your Whole Self In"
Visit Don Huntington's Web Site - Don Write For You

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